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Practice with Clara

Beauty Within & Without (60-min) Vinyasa

Find your natural fluidity and balance in this Prana Flow inspired class with Clara.

Enjoy a smooth and slow flow with fun transitions that asks you to breathe big as you explore leg balancing poses to build strength and stability with triangle pose, tree pose, eagle pose, and a Lahari flow variation of side plank pose.

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Style: Vinyasa

Duration: 60-min

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Props: N/A

Focus: Core, Legs, Arm Balances

Location: Jasper House, Sri Lanka

Progress to half-bound moon (Baddha Ardha Chandrasana) as your peak pose, followed by camel pose as your backbend, Clara ends your practice with a hip opener and neck stretching to release any accumulated tension.

Filmed in the trees in Jasper Shala, Sri Lanka, this flow calls upon the divine force of Lakshmi, Goddess of Beauty and nourisher of life, for you to discover and draw upon your own inherent beauty within.