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Practice with Clara

Beginners Mind (90-mins) Vinyasa – Audio Only

An extra long vinyasa class that gives you a full-body experience with core and hamstring strengthening to prepare you for Nataraja (Dancer) pose as the peak!

This class is great for anyone who wants a well-rounded experience. Emphasis on oblique and erector strengthening. Lunges, backbends, warriors, and twists before pranayama to close.

Your class opens with a chant for Saraswati, the Muse of Creation; she is the pause before you move into the next phase of creation! May we be cognizant of the pause before we do.


Style: Vinyasa

Duration: 90-mins

Level: intermediate/advanced

Props: 2 blocks

Focus: back and core strengthening to prepare for Nataraja (Dancer)

Location: Vancouver, BC.

Music: Beginners Mind Spotify Playlist


Clara refers to a talk with Rick Rubin from the On Being Podcast by Krista Tippet.


Rick Rubin on the Beginners Mind:

“To the best of my ability, I’ve followed my intuition to make career turns, and been recommended against doing so every time. It helps to realize that it’s better to follow the universe than those around you. Start with a beginner’s mind. Beginner’s mind is starting from a pure childlike place of not knowing.”


Rick Rubin on the Creative Process:

“All art is a work in progress. It’s helpful to see the piece we’re working on as an experiment. One in which we can’t predict the outcome. Whatever the result, we will receive useful information that will benefit the next experiment. If you start from the position that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, and creativity is just free play with no rules, it’s easier to submerge yourself joyfully in the process of making things. We’re not playing to win, we’re playing to play. And ultimately, playing is fun. Perfectionism gets in the way of fun. A more skillful goal might be to find comfort in the process. To make and put out successive works with ease.”