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Practice with Clara

Join Clara for a quick prop tutorial on how to use blocks to assist and enhance your practice to create more space and strength in the body.

How to Choose Your Yoga Blocks

  • Purchase your yoga blocks in a pair if you can.
  • Cork blocks are a lot harder, thicker, and more stable.
  • Softer blocks are less intrusive in poses where the blocks are positioned along the back.

See how to benefit from yoga blocks in:

  1. Seated poses (easy sitting pose, hip openers, hamstring openers, forward folds).
  2. Standing poses (lunges, warriors, balancing poses).

Why use yoga blocks?

  • Create stability in the joints.
  • Support the alignment of each pose.
  • Honor your body and your practice for where you are right now.
  • Strengthen appropriate muscles.
  • Lengthen with integrity.
  • Accommodate injuries.
  • Acknowledge that we are all shaped differently, and no two poses ever look the same.

In every practice, ask yourself: Where am I supposed to feel the stretch in this pose, and how can I best create the shape to facilitate that sensation?