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Practice with Clara

Carried by the Rhythm (14-mins) Meditation

This meditation is meant to connect you to your inherent rhythm through breath.

As you sit in meditation, think about what passion means to you. Where does passion live in the body, and how does it feel? Bring your breath into that space in the body. Next, consider the word peace. What is your relationship to peace? Where does this word live in your body, and can you bring your awareness there as you breath?

Style: Meditation
Duration: 14-mins
Level: open
Props: 1 block or 1 bolster
Focus: a guided moving meditation.
Location: Lila Familia Production Studio, Vancouver, BC

Opening Meditation

Come to a seat on your mat using as many or a few props as you prefer.

Close your eyes and connect to your breath. This class invites you to move gently in your seat to connect to the breath and the energy that’s constantly moving within us. Stillness is never possible; our heart is continually pumping blood through our bodies. The energy within and around us is always vibrating and pulsing; in Tantra, we call this the Spanda.

Open practice with a seated meditation inspired by one of Clara’s favorite books on Tantra. The meditation is guided based on this expert from The Radiance Sutras, translated by Lorin Roche.

Poem from The Radiance Sutras

“Rocking, undulating, swaying,

Carried by rhythm,

Cherish the streaming energy

Flooding your body

As a current of the divine.

Oh Radiant One,

Ride the waves of ecstatic motion

Into a sublime fusion

Of passion and peace.”

– The Radiance Sutras, translation by Lorin Roche.

About Tantra and Prana Flow Yoga

Tantra is all about experiencing the divine within the body, contrary to traditional yogic texts. Patanjali spoke about transcending the limitations of the body to connect to the divine. This is one approach; another method to experience the divine is to feel and fully experience the body. Listening to the body, feeling the breath, and movement, such as yoga, are ways to dance with the divine within.

From Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow Yoga:

Prana = life-force, breath, movements of life

Vinyasa = evolution, wave, cycle, lineage teachings of flowing yoga

Yoga = to unify, the state of unified consciousness

Prana Vinyasa is a journey to greater embodiment, vitality, enjoyment of life, living flow, creative fulfillment, natural happiness, and a connection to one’s sva dharma: inherent purpose in life.

Read more about Prana Vinyasa by Shiva Rea here.