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Practice with Clara

Chakra Visualization (23-mins) Meditation


A meditation class that brings awareness to each of the main energy points, known as the chakras, that travel along the spine. In this class, you’ll use the power of visualization and breath to bring awareness to the chakras and the body’s inner landscape. Visualization is a powerful practice that develops awareness of the subtle body; through visualization, we move away from the physical, gross realm that we see, into the subtler realm of breath and energy that we experience through felt sensation.

Style: Meditation

Duration: 23-mins

Level: Open-level

Props: none

Focus: Visualization and breath

Location: Lila Familia Production Studio, Vancouver, BC

The Power of Visualization 

Visualization occurs in the motor cortex, an area of the frontal lobe, of the brain. The motor cortex is involved in the planning and execution of movement. Imagined action strengthens the motor cortex in the same fashion as a performed actioned, therefore, perceived and physical movement equally strengthens the motor function.

Using visualization as a tool to strengthen the brain also helps improve our ability to use our imagination and empathize with others. Through the use of mirror neurons, which are highly active in children as they learn how to interact and interpret others and the environment, we develop the imagination. Imagining situations greatly enhance our empathy as we have the capacity to imagine how others feel in their current situation. In adults, our mirror neurons are used less and affect our ability to create imagined states of awareness, thereby affecting our empathy. Visualization helps activate mirror neurons to strengthen the imagination as adults.

Visualization for the Creative Kundalini Energy

As you take your seat, imagine a beam of light that starts at the pelvis and travels along the length of the spine to the crown of the head. Sushumna, or the spine, is the body’s main energy channel and home to each of the seven chakras. We focus on the spinal column and the seven chakras as it is said that our creative force, our Kundalini energy, lives in the bowl of the pelvis; to awaken the divine energy within, the yogi strives to wake the creative potential and bring it up from the pelvis to the third eye. At the third eye, Ajna chakra, the creative Kundalini energy meets the third eye consciousness where divinity resides.

As you breathe, imagine the beam of light traveling up the spine to the crown of the head as you inhale. Move the beam of light down the spine to the pelvis as you exhale. There’s a brief, natural pause at the top and bottom of the spine where you’ll retain the breath and hold the image of the ball of light. This practice is called Sushumna flossing as you cleanse the spine with the light and breath.