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Practice with Clara

Crazy Eights (8-min) Tutorial

Learn how to do a crazy eights in this short video tutorial.

Crazy Eights move between Eka pada koundinyasana II (flying splits pose) into Astavakrasana (eight angle pose).

There are three kramas (variations) to move through crazy eights.

Option 1: this is a good alternative if you have wrist/shoulder sensitivity.

  1. Come into lizard pose and grab the front of the back angle.
  2. Take your shoulder behind your leg.
  3. Place your palms back to support your lower body and legs OR forward to support the weight at the torso. The placement of the palms depends on the weight distribution and the body’s structure.
  4. Reach the chest forward
  5. Hug the sits bones towards each other
  6. Step your back foot forward and release the palms to sit down.
  7. Come into compass pose from the ground with one leg out on the floor, and the other leg hooked above the shoulder.
  8. Bring your hands down to the ground and straighten the leg on the floor.
  9. Hook the ankles and take the legs upward toward the sky.
  10. Draw the navel to the spine and hover your bum off the ground for Astavakrasana.

Option 2; do the arm balances without the transitions.

  1. Move from lizard pose into koundinyasana II.
  2. Rest the thigh on top of your arm as you press your ribs to the tricep.
  3. Lean the weight forward extend the back leg off of the ground.
  4. Step the legs forward and squat.
  5. Compass pose into as Astavakrasana.

Option 3: full crazy eights transition.

  1. Move from lizard pose into koundinyasana II.
  2. Hug your legs inwards towards the middle of your mat.
  3. Bring your chest low and your legs high.
  4. Bend both knees
  5. Bring the back knee forward and through the front arm
  6. Lower your bum and lift your chest
  7. Hook your ankles and hug the inner thighs
  8. Astavakrasana.

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