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Practice with Clara

Durga meditation asks you to focus on your courageous heart and inner strength. Durga is the deity of war and represents the power of peace and prosperity over evil forces.

Use this meditation to connect to your inner warrior.

Style: Meditation

Duration: 5 min

Level: Open

Focus: Breathwork, Meditation

Location: Sri Lanka

This meditation asks you to feed your heart strength and courage. Focus your mind on discipline and determination. Foster an inner state of love and confidence as you sit and breathe into your inner courage.

If you’re seeking the strength to complete or achieve a project or goal, this is a meditation for you.

Durga asks us to step into our hearts. Durga gives us the discipline to get our work done and keep moving forward in whatever we pursue.

This meditation will help you develop the power of purpose, clarity in vision, and passion to deliver whatever you will into the world.

Durga meditation with Clara asks you to sit in silence with a Mudra to help you focus on the power of your courageous heart