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Practice with Clara

Durga Mythology (53-mins) Lecture

Learn about the mythology of Durga, Warrior Goddess of Strength, through the stories, themes, mantra, and questions for personal reflection.

Invoke Durga for:

• Physical, mental and emotional strength

• Personal empowerment

• Starting or completing a project

• Help in a challenging situation

• Facing the negative side of your ego

• Protecting other people or yourself


Bija Mantra = Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

Meaning = Salutation to the force that brings us liberation through challenges.

“Dum” is the seed mantra for Shakti as pure strength.

Resources to aid the lecture:

Durga + Kali:

Durga is Kali and Kali is Durga. Although worshipped in the two different from, both Durga and Kali are representations of the same feminine ‘Shakti.’ According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Shakti or the feminine power was created by the culmination of energies of all the Gods. The birth of Maa Durga was mainly to destroy the tyranny caused by the Kind of Asuras (demons Mahisasura. The slaying of Mahisasura symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Embody the energy of the Hindu Goddess with the Durga Collection on Practice with Clara.