Embodying the Queen Archetype Workshop & Meditation

Join Energy Alchemist Cindy Stockdale for a workshop on Embodying the Queen Archetype, including a lecture, discussion, and meditation.



Listen to the open discussion about how the Queen archetype is waiting to be claimed by women, how patriarchy has affected the worthiness of everyone, how we reclaim our power by remembering the practice of deep listening, respecting the animal of your body, and knowing the truth of your resounding YES.



Cindy has been a technician of the energetic arts for almost 20 years. She is a multi-passionate, multidisciplinary woman who has practiced yoga, shamanism and energy healing with thousands of people. Cindy is passionate about helping people reclaim their power, rewrite their personal story, and transform their lives. Her highest purpose of all is to remind people they are loved, deeply.


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