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Practice with Clara

Ether Flow (26-min) Slow Flow

This slow and smooth Ether Flow Vinyasa Yoga class asks you to create space inside and out by moving in-tune with your breath. Flow with Clara and the students of Lila Vinyasa Yoga through a sequence that lengthens and strengthens your back and side body.

Style: Slow Flow

Duration: 26-min

Focus: General

Props: 2 Blocks

Location: Stretch, Vancouver, BC

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Treat your Ether Flow Vinyasa like a moving meditation and emphasize the rhythm and pulse of your breath as you move through variations of sun salutations.

Open your practice with Hasta Mudra. Take your arms wide as you inhale and slowly guide your palms back together as you exhale, gently opening and closing your hands with your breath. Hasta (hand) Mudra is the Sanskrit term for a gesture, symbol, or expression,that helps one focus the brain and unconscious to the body and flow of prana (breath).

The idea is to create a moving meditation as you express your Ether Flow and breath deeply into all the space you create in your body. A class that’s suitable for all levels, the  Lila Vinyasa yoga students provide modifications suitable for all stages of your practice. Standing postures, inclusive of Ashta Chandrasana (high /& low lunge), Virabhadrasana II (warrior 2), Trikonasana (triangle pose), build heat, and strengthen the legs. You’ll skip the chaturanga flow, and instead take angry cat/cows to undulate the spine and open the heart. A finger stand cobra flow will further your front body opening and strengthen your back body as you build to Ardha Shalabhasana and full Salabhasana (locust pose. A simple twist on your back will release the low spine after heart-opening and prepare your body for savasana.

Wrap up your moving meditation flow seated with hands in Anjali Mudra (prayer) to close your practice and ground.