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Practice with Clara

Fire Flow (23-min) Vinyasa

A fiery core class with Clara and the students of Lila Vinyasa Yoga, this intermediate vinyasa flow asks you to embrace the element of fire.

Style: Vinyasa

Duration: 23-min

Level: Open-level

Props: N/A

Focus: General

Location: Stretch, Vancouver BC

Fire is expressed as hot, sharp, bright, and transformative. Anything fire touches is literally, chemically, and physically changed, and it is through fire that we transform ourselves.

Build your ujjayi breath, the victorious breath, to feed your inner flame. Think of anything that wants to be or needs to be transformed in your body, mind, life, and dedicate your practice to this transformation.

This dynamic vinyasa class begins with Sun Salutations to clear and purify the physical body. The lungs, muscles, joints, and digestive system benefit from Sun Salutations. Come into Utkatasana (chair pose) and breathe deep.

Hold Phalakasana (plank pose) for eight cycles of breath followed by Bhujangasana (cobra pose) or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (upward facing dog) for five cycles of breath.

Keep stoking the inner flame as you move into Virabhadrasana I (warrior 1), Parsvakonasana (pyramid pose), and Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana (standing splits). Come to sit for Navasana (boat pose) and keep breathing deeply into the fire and heat you’re creating inside.

Ardha Purvottanasana (reverse tabletop) with modifications expressed by the Lila Vinyasa students stretches the front of the body to release the abdomen after core work.

Your fiery vinyasa closes with a rounded back Baddha Konasana (bound angle pose) and a seat in meditation. As you meditate, envision a flame or light to feed your breath.

This class was filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada.