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Practice with Clara

Free Spine (35-min) Vinyasa

In this slow vinyasa class to enhance your mobility and release emotional or physical stressors.

You’ll move slowly with Clara through a variety of poses to lengthen and strengthen your back and gently open the front of the chest so you can breathe more deeply into your body.

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Style: Vinyasa

Duration: 35-min

Level: Open

Props: N/A

Focus: A little bit of everything

Location: Verse, Sri Lanka

Open your practice with Brahmari breath (bees breath) to calm your nervous system and instill a sense of quiet in the mind to release stress. Move through slow heart opening poses with cat/cow undulations and Anahatasana (heart pose).

Progress to Ustrasana (camel pose) as you create more flexibility and freedom in your spine. Followed by deeper twists and chaturanga push-ups to build heat, this class is peppered with hip openers, leg balancing, and shoulder opening for you to feel at ease and increase mobility in the joints framing your spine.