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Practice with Clara

Full Body Ritual (16-mins) Meditation

Join me for a short 15-minute meditation to focus on the breath and attune to the present moment. In this meditation, we’ll breathe into the energetic body by visualizing the chakras or the circulatory system to bring awareness to the body’s more subtle processes.


Style: Meditation

Duration: 16-minutes

Level: open-levels

Props: none

Focus: Spring Equinox Meditation

Location: Lila Familia Production Studio, Vancouver, BC


Take a seat of your choice and close your eyes. Breathe into your entire body and simply be. This meditation asks that you move from the physical body to the subtle body to observe the layers of the self.

Start with a simple body scan, moving from the crown of the head to the toes’ tips. As you breathe and take your internal focus to the different areas of the body, explore to see what you feel. If there is any tension in particular areas, simply be with the sensation and breathe. 

A body scan helps focus the mind and bring awareness to the body. It’s a method to attune to all that you feel physically, by observation without judgment. A body scan may teach one how to be with physical discomfort and simply observe the sensation without fixing or changing anything. 

As we breathe and progress into the meditation, you’ll move from the physical, external body and its parts to the subtle body. The subtle body is known as the energetic body or the pranic body. We have over 72,000 energy points located in the body. In Ayurveda, the energy points are called nadis. In Acupuncture and TCM, the energy points are called meridians. 

You might think of the energy points aligned with the circulatory system and visualize the movement of blood and prana like a vast highway traveling through you as you breathe. Visualize your heart pumping and the blood moving through your body. Breathe into this extensive network within.