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Practice with Clara

Get Out of Bed Slowly (18-min) Hatha

Linger in the comfort of your bed for a gentle stretch to soothe and stimulate the body’s digestive system before starting the day.

This class features a number of poses that promote better health and removal of waste as Clara guides deep breaths to slow the heart rate and invite a state of calm.

Style: Hatha

Duration: 18-min

Focus: General

Props: N/A

Location: Jasper House – Sri Lanka

When we’re stressed, this creates tension in our bodies that may create further tension and disease. Through this slow and simple sequence, you’ll move through longer-held poses similar to a restorative yoga class to allow for a deeper stretch.

Shapes to open the side body, including a supine urdhva hastasana, deeply stretches and opens the muscles along the waist, ribs, and back. Bhastrika Asana (bellows pose) eases constipation, indigestion, and gets rid of excess fat. Matsyendrasana (supine twist) stimulates the digestive fire of the belly.

Balasana (child’s pose) calms and creates a state of ease for when we’re stressed which can wreak havoc on our digestive system and belly. Send your breath into the lower belly as you come to a seat for shoulder and neck release.

We tend to carry a lot of tension in our neck from clenching the jaw. Soften your gaze, relax your jaw and mouth as you open your shoulders, and take head rolls gently rocking your head from side to side.

Clara completes this restorative yoga sequence with a moving meditation, opening the arms wide, and expanding your body through deep breath and gentle movement.

This class is the best way to start a slow Sunday morning for yogis of all levels in their practice. Filmed in Sri Lanka, Jasper.