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Practice with Clara

Get Ready for Bed (23-min) Yin

Skip the studio class and do yoga from your bed with Clara.

Get ready for bed with deep diaphragmatic breathing and longer-held restorative poses to settle and ground before you fall asleep. Gentle stretching and deep breathing will slow down your heart-rate and induce an inner state of calm.

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Style: Yin/Restorative

Duration: 22-min

Level: Open

Props: 2 Bolsters or Pillows

Focus: Relaxation

Location: Jasper House, Sri Lanka

Start laying on your back breathing fully into your ribs and your heart with your gaze soft or eyes closed. You’ll hold each pose for several minutes similar to a yin-style class and move through twisting, side waist and inner thigh stretching.

This simple sequence will create more length and space in your body through longer held poses and deep breath. This class is a yin/restorative class suitable for all levels.

Filmed in Jasper, Sri Lanka, join Clara to create a new ritual for your eventing routine. Students may wish to use additional pillows, rolled up blankets, sandbags, eye-masks, and/or a yoga bolster as props.