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Practice with Clara

Flow with grace and treat your hamstrings and side body to a sequence that focuses on getting rid of all the sticky spots.

This Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga with Clara promises long lunges, twists, warrior poses, and ample core work from tabletop and forearm plank.

**This class is designed those who were practicing vinyasa yoga prior to pregnancy.**

**If you’re new to vinyasa yoga, we would recommend you take Hatha or Restorative instead of this class**

**Not recommended for pregnant goddesses in their 3rd trimester**

Style: Vinyasa, Prenatal Series – Trimester 2

Duration: 32-min

Focus: General

Props: 2 Blocks

Location: Leña, Galiano, BC

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Treat your spine to cat/cow stretching from all fours and standing. Place your hands on blocks to create more length and space to create length in your side body, front of the chest, and back. Skip the chaturangas and take a fluid spin from down dog to plank pose, back to child’s pose, roll up through cat pose, and back to plank pose before lifting your hips to downward dog. Revel in wider folds, lunges, and twists.

Test your balance and strength in Warrior 1 with lots of pranic breathwork to keep things interesting. With core work in tabletop, side plank pose from forearms, and modified forearm plank, you’ll build heat and stability in your shoulders and thighs.