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Practice with Clara

How to do a Yoga Drop Back (8-mins) Tutorial

Learn how to do a yoga drop back in this short tutorial.

See how to safely move into Anuvittasana (standing backend) by stabilizing the core and legs.

This tutorial shows various modifications and adjustments for beginners to develop the strength and agility to move through a drop back into wheel pose.

How to move into a yoga dropback:

  1. Wheel on the ground using yoga blocks under the hands
  2. Wheel against the wall with blocks under hands at the wall.
  3. Standing backbend against the wall with hands on the wall.
  4. Standing backbend with hands at the waist, thighs, or calves.
  5. Drop back from standing backend to wheel pose.


  • Take your legs wide.
  • Turn your toes to face forward.
  • Bend your knees a lot to protect the low back.
  • Arch the spine and lift through the centre of the chest.
  • The head is the last piece to drop back before the hands land on the blocks, back body, or ground.