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Practice with Clara

Lakshmi Mythology (52-mins) Lecture

Learn about the mythology of Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance and Beauty, through the stories, themes, mantra, and questions for personal reflection.


Om Shrim Hrim Shrim Kamale Kamalalaye

prasida prasida Shrim Hrim Shrim Aum

Mahalakshmyai namah.

Meaning of the mantra

Om, Shrim, Hrim = cosmic vibration sounds

Kamale Kamallaye = one who resides on the lotus flower

Prasida = be pleased

Mahalakshmiyai Namaha = Goddess Mahalaxmi, I bow to you.

Mahalakshmi is also known to preside over 16 forms of worldly wealth: Fame; Knowledge; Courage and Strength; Victory; Good Children; Valor; Gold, Gems and Other Valuables; Grains in abundance; Happiness; Bliss; Intelligence; Beauty; Higher Aim, High Thinking and Higher Meditation; Morality and Ethics; Good Health; Long Life.

Resources to aid your learning:

Questions for reflection (as taken from Sally Kempton’s Awakening Shakti):

  1. What is my current relationship to the Lakshmi energy, to the divine feminine power of abundance, power, beauty and harmony?
  2. In what ways do I experience abundance?
  3. What do I experience as beauty within me? Around me? In others?
  4. Where or how would I like to invoke Lakshmi energy in my life?

To note:

At timecode: [ 22:03 ], Clara meant to say Moksha, not Mukti, as the fourth aim. Mukti is short-term freedom, and Moksha is the ultimate liberation.