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Practice with Clara

Breath deeply, move slowly, and create a state of inner calm in this gentle Hatha class with Clara.

This slow Hatha sequence has very gentle movements and longer-held poses. Ideal for anyone seeking to slow down, ground, and open the body with simple stretching.

Style: Gentle Hatha

Duration: 29-min

Focus: Side waist – inner thighs

Props: 2 Blocks

Location: Jasper House, Sri Lanka

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You’ll start seated with your hands on your belly to focus on breathing all the way down into the lower abdomen. As you build and connect to a deeper breath, keep checking in with how your body feels as you move. Side waist lengthening, shoulder opening, inner thigh and outer thigh stretching are featured.

This is a sequence to start your day as you move slowly to stretch and open your body, and a sequence to close your day with gentle movements to release any accumulated tension.

Clara will guide you through seated shoulder rolls, wide twists, and half gomukhasana arms to bring space to the side body and forearm. Seated cat/cows with an emphasis on breath will create spaciousness in the upper chest and the back body.

Once you’ve opened the shoulders, heart, and back, you’ll move into inner thigh and outer hip stretching with a long-held baddha konasana using props to support your torso and head.

Take your blocks with you into a wide-legged seat with an emphasis on opening the side waist and hamstrings. Relax your body as you move through the series of poses and focus on breathing deep and slow. Take your wide-legged seat into a variation of ardha urdhva upavistha konasana (Half Upright Seated Angle Pose) and continue to focus on a relaxed breath.

Close your practice with supported bridge pose before setting up for savasana with your two blocks supporting the backs of the knees.

This class was filmed in Jasper House, Sri Lanka, and is geared towards yogis of all levels and includes the option for two blocks to assist the practice.