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Practice with Clara

A slow-paced Hatha class that stays low to the ground, this class features front body opening to lengthen the muscles at the waist and chest. Your class opens with a moving meditation and hasta mudra, the pose for receptivity. Hip-opening, twists, and heart-opening round-out this short class. A quick practice that is great for anyone who works at a desk or sits for long periods as it opens the front line.

** This class is perfect for those with wrist sensitivity or injury.

Style: Hatha

Duration: 30-minutes

Level: open-levels

Props: 2 blocks

Focus: core and back strengthening to backbend Wheel, Urdhva Dhanurasana

Location: Lila Familia Production Studio, Vancouver, BC

Music: Nourish Spotify Playlist

Seated Meditation

Hasta Mudra is the mudra of receptivity.

It is a mudra of the heart centre for Anahata chakra.

Envision that your inhales and exhales are moving in and out of your palms.

Where in your life, body, or breath would you like to cultivate more openness? Where would you like to be more receptive?

Moving Meditation 

Seated with your palms facing upwards

  • Inhale and take your arms wide to either side and behind you, puff up your back and bow your head.
  • Exhale and reach your arms forward and outwards diagonally towards the left and right alongside your heart.

Imagine you are emanating a prayer outwards from your heart with each exhale.

As you inhale, breathe into the witness- the back body. Draw inwards before expanding outwards.

Take the sound of Aum during the final two cycles.

Second moving meditation

  • Inhale and take your hands over your head with the palms in prayer; take your hands from the base of the spine and up above the crown of the head.
  • Exhale and take your arms wide and slow down toward the ground.

Clear the space with your awareness as you expand through the breath.

Take the sound of Aum for the final exhale.

Opening Movement

Sufi grinds (tabletop pose drawing circles in your pelvis)

Tibetan Sun Salutations

Tadasana (mountain pose) with hips to heels and hands at the heart

Urdva Hastasana (hands to the sky) variation from the shins

Uttana Shishosana (extended puppy pose)

Marjaryasana (cat pose)

Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward dog pose)

Marjaryasana (cat pose)

Uttana Shishosana (extended puppy pose)

Urdva Hastasana (hands to the sky) variation from the shins

Tadasana (mountain pose) with hips to heels and hands at the heart

Repeat seven cycles

Lunge Sequence

Hasta Mudra (seated with palms wide)

Utthan Pristhasana (lizard pose) variation with a blanket under the back knee

  • Keep your hands on the ground, OR
  • Take the same forearm to the front thigh
  • Extend the opposite arm to the sky
  • Breathe into the side body

Baddha Anjaneyasana (revolved low lunge)

Balasana (child’s pose)

Repeat the same mini-sequence on the other side

Floor Sequence

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (bridge pose)

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (bridge pose) variation

  • Walk your heels inwards and take your ankles in either palm
  • Press your feet into your hands and pull back against your legs
  • Breathe upwards into your chest and across the front of the pelvis

Pavanmuktasana (wind release pose)

​​Pavanmuktasana (wind release pose) variation

  • Take hip mandalas with the leg at your chest

Savasana or seated meditation to close.