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Practice with Clara

Come to your mat for a restorative prenatal yoga sequence to ground and calm your body with longer-held poses to soothe your nervous system.

Style: Prenatal

Duration: 30-min

Level: Open-levels

Props: N/A

Focus: General

Location: Leña, Galiano Island BC

Clara offers ample opportunities to develop a deeper breath and variations on each pose to complement your practice.

Rest in child’s pose with blocks and a bolster stacked to support your baby belly. Lay on your side supported by your bolster with your arms overhead to gently open and lengthen the side waist.

Breath fully into yourself and let your body open to receive each of the restorative shapes. Seated, you’ll shift into a Baddha Konasana (bound angle pose) with your head resting on your bolster, yoga blocks, and/or hands.

Go deeper with deer-pose, a seated hip opener that aids in digestion and relieves gas, with the help of your bolster and/or blocks.

Clara guides Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing, to further the relaxation process. Nadi Shodhana lowers the heart rate and reduces stress and anxiety as it purifies the subtle energy channels so the Prana (breath, life-force) can flow with ease.

Close your restorative prenatal yoga class on your side with a bolster between your thighs to fully rest and enjoy the inner state of calm you’ve created for you and your baby.

Filmed in Lena, Galiano, BC, yogi mama’s will require 2 blocks and 1 yoga bolster for this class.