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Practice with Clara

Saraswati Flow (55-min) Vinyasa

Join Clara for a Saraswati-themed vinyasa yoga class. This class is fluid and powerful, connecting you to the essence of the Goddess as you breathe.

Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning.

She’s the deity one would call upon when seeking insight, learning something new, or looking for inspiration.

Style: Vinyasa

Duration: 55 min

Level: Open

Props: N/A

Focus: Legs, Hips, Core

Location: Jasper Shala, Sri Lanka

Saraswati is a combination of the Sanskrit word, saras which means “pooling water” and vati which means “she who possesses”.

She’s associated with rivers and lakes, with the fluidity and flow associated with the element water.

We invite you to express and encompass this fluidity as you build heat and move in this Vinyasa Yoga class.

Start seated with flowing arm circles and deep breath to connect the rhythm of your breath to the motion of your body.

Express sweeping arm circles above your head and to either side to open the side waist and create space to send your breath into.

Seated cat/cow undulations open the heart and back body, specifically across the front and back of the rib cage.

Fluid, powerful, slow, and dynamic, this class gently builds heat as you flow, yoking the elements of water and fire. WIth lunges, warrior poses, and core strengthening, this 60-minute vinyasa yoga class equally creates length, space, and strength as you move on your mat.

A creative sequence that will have you moving from the front, to the side, and spinning around to face the back of your mat, you’ll be challenged and inspired! This sequence keeps you on your toes and prepared for anything.

Filmed in Sri Lanka, Jasper Shala, this vinyasa yoga class is suitable for yogis of any level in their practice.