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Practice with Clara

Strong Back (33-min) Hatha

Move with Clara in a prenatal vinyasa yoga class sequenced to strengthen and lengthen your back body.

A strong back is complemented by a soft heart, so send your breath into your upper chest as you flow.

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Style: Hatha, Prenatal Series – Prenatal Trimester 2

Duration: 33-min

Level: Open

Props: 2 Blocks & 1 Bolster

Focus: Back strengthening

Location: Leña, Galiano, BC

Ideal for mama’s in their second trimester, you’ll flow slowly through cat/cows in bharmanasana (tabletop pose) and proceed to open the heart and back with finger-stand cobra from your shins.

Progress from bharmanasana to alternate arm/leg lifts, and cat/cow curls touching opposite arm to knee.

Flow with lunges, wide twists, and modified ustrasana (camel pose). Use a block to stabilize your arm muscles and build strength in your biceps, triceps, and abdominals.

Complete your prenatal vinyasa yoga class with seated side waist lengthening, seated twists, and a supported forward fold to release the back body and slow your heart rate and breath. Recline with your yoga bolster along your back.

Close your practice with a soft, supported heart opener to breath into your upper chest as you take savasana. Filmed in Lena, Galiano, BC, yogi mama’s will require two blocks and a bolster to support their prenatal vinyasa yoga class.