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Practice with Clara

Test your tapas in this super-duper core yoga class to challenge your inner fire!

Tapas translates to the idea of heat, fire, discipline, and inner focus. Connect to your inner strength with Mula bandha, the root lock in yoga, that contracts the lower pelvic floor muscles and supports the internal muscles of the lower abdomen.

To access the Spotify playlist, please log into your account on your web browser and click on the Spotify icon on this class’ page (https://practice.clararobertsoss.com/programs/super-duper-power)

Style: Vinyasa

Duration: 75-min

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Props: 2 Blocks

Focus: Core, Back Strengthening

Location: Leña, Galiano, BC

Engaging Mula bandha creates a seal for the pranic energy you’ll create and carry throughout your practice. Start seated to establish a connection to your tapas.

Breathe deeply into your side body as you start to flow. Move through Virabhadrasana 2 (warrior 2), floating Trikonasana (triangle pose), Shanti Virabhadrasana (peaceful warrior), and Viparita Virabhadrasana (exalted warrior). Followed by balancing poses including Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana (standing splits), Vrksasana (tree pose), an unbound Utthita Padangusthasana (hand-to-foot-pose), and Virabhadrasana 3 (warrior 3). Chaturanga push-ups, in addition to core work on your back and belly, promise you’ll be engaged and focused on your core to prepare for back bending.

Deep quadricep and inner thigh stretches help ground and lengthen the muscles worked throughout your class. Saddle pose, hero pose, and/or lizard pose give you space and time to ease into passive thigh and leg stretches.

Complete your practice with Mandukasana (frog pose) to revel in a longer-held hip opener.