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Practice with Clara

The Ability to Sustain (30-min) Vinyasa

A practice to quiet the mind and ground the body, this vinyasa class will have you start seated to focus breathing into your belly and heart.

You’ll be asked to stay with your breath as you move through heat-building core exercises on your back to strengthen your lower abdomen.

Style: Vinyasa, Prenatal Series

Duration: 30 min

Level: Open

Props: N/A

Focus: Core, push ups, glutes

Location: Leña, Galiano BC

Connect to your deep core muscles with an emphasis on mulhabhanda, the root lock in yoga, to lift the pelvic floor and support the low back.

This is especially beneficial for expecting mothers to build strength in the deep core tissues that connect to your spine as you prepare your body for as you proceed through pregnancy and childbirth.

This is an intermediate/advanced vinyasa yoga class for pregnancy, ideal for mama’s in their second trimester.

You’ll move through modified sun salutations to flow, build heat, and ground through breath. Chair pose, high-lunge, Warrior 2, modified side angle pose, and modified side plank pose challenge your outer glutes and abdominals.

Lizard pose completes your flow for a bit of reprieve to the inner thighs. Cool and quiet your practice with malasana and close with a longer, slower breath.

This class was filmed in Lena, Galiano, BC.