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Practice with Clara

Treat the energy body through various yoga pranayama, circular movements for the joints, and breathwork from Chien Lung. The subtle body, also known as the energy body, lives below the skin where Prana flows. Prana is the life force, or energy according to Ayurveda, which we work with primarily through the breath. Boa’s Breath, White Leopard, Brahmari, and Bastrika Breath to strengthen your body’s Prana.

Style: Hatha Yoga

Duration: 35-mins

Level: Open

Props: none

Focus: Various pranayama and slow circular movements for the joints.

Location: Lila Familia Production Studio, Vancouver, BC

We take in Prana through the breath and the foods we eat. How we stimulate and ground the body is affected by our Prana. The slow and circular movements have a calming effect on the body and gently stimulates the circulatory system to bring blood to the joints. This class features several pranayamas from yoga and martial arts with slow movement and stretching to stimulate Prana’s flow and create a sense of spaciousness and ease.

Neck rolls, side waist stretching, spinal flexion and extension, and outer hip stretching relieves any tension and stress that accumulates around the shoulders and hips. This class is meant to make you feel light and energized, so the movements.

Bastrika Breath or Bellows Breath

This style of pranayama works to energize and clear slow or stagnant energy. Do this pranayama at any time of the day to clear the mind and body and stimulate the flow of Prana.

Bhramari Breath

This style of pranayama has a calming effect on the mind and body. Brahmari is also known as bees breath, as it sounds like a bee humming when performed. This pranayama grounds the body and calms the nervous system, and helps relieve stress, anxiety, or anger.

Boa’s Breath

This pranayama is from Chien Lung by Constantine Darling; it’s from the martial art Tai Chi. Boa Breath has a calming effect on the body as the gaze is soft, the movements are slow, and the breath is deep. This style of breath is a moving form of meditation and encourages a meditative state.

White Leopard 

This pranayama is also from Chien Lung by Constantine Darling. It helps to widen the lens or widen the perspective so that we’re better able to see the bigger picture. White Leopards represent intuition and creativity and are seen as being in-tune with the flow of the cosmos.

Shiva Linga Mudra 

A powerful mudra that represents the masculine and feminine energies, Shiva Linga Mudra symbolizes Shiva and Shakti’s union. From Tantric philosophy, the palm represents Shakti’s feminine energy, and the thumb represents Shiva’s masculine energy. Shiva Linga connects us to the Muladhara chakra, the root chakra, and creates a sense of groundedness by balancing the masculine and feminine energies. Use this mudra when you want to calm the mind and relieve stress and anxiety.