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Practice with Clara

You Who Has Been Seeking (12-mins) Meditation

Take a seat for a short meditation that asks you to sit with the simplicity of The Radiance Sutras. The offering of this meditation is to allow the poem’s words to wash over you and breathe into the feeling that the poem invokes in your body. The Radiance Sutras present 112 Sanskrit teachings on how to embody yoga and meditation.


Style: Meditation

Duration: 12-mins

Level: open-levels

Props: none

Focus: A meditation for those who seek.

Location: Lila Familia Production Studio, Vancouver, BC



Poem | The Radiance Sutras 

You who have been seeking,

Whatever path you are on,

A moment will come and grab you

And carries you into its dance.

In the midst of ecstatic motion,

Your body dissolves into light, leaving only

The softly glowing benediction of the bones;

You become the face of fury,

Yet serene within;

Your eyes fly open in amazement,

Seeing the unseen vastness;

Or you become a tongue tasting upward

Into the nectar of eternity.

The soul reveals itself to itself

Through gesture,

Energy-infused undulations and gestures

Of hand, foot, spine, face, and form.

The invisible loves the visible.