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I hope this email finds you well and that your holiday season was filled with activities that fed your spirit. 

I sat down last night to work on my vision board, an annual tradition I have come to love. Here’s a little taste of my process…

How Clara creates her vision board
1. Peruse a pile of magazines with zero thoughts in mind. Instead, rip out all pictures and words that catch my eye. Listen to a chill playlist – here’s the one I was listening to.
2. Put all the images on the table and start to look for correlations.
3. Put together a rough sketch with images and words. 
4. Cut images and words to fit together. Be creative with how I’m cutting the images, cut into different shapes and tear some. 
5. Stand up, do something else for a few minutes, come back and see if the sketch seems right. Move things around a bit. 
6. Glue and tape. Try not to tape the cat.

A few things to note about this year’s vision boarding (is that even a verb?)

– I hadn’t collected as many magazines as I usually do so it was cool revisiting old magazines and seeing what drew my eye this year.
– I tried a new method where I didn’t have a base sheet of paper to glue everything to so there were no parameters on big it had to be.
– I used double sided tape and a stick of glue. Tape for big sheets and glue for smaller ones. Fingers were less sticky.
– I usually find a word that incapsulates my intention for the year but this year a few did – WILD, WONDER, LIBRE (FREEDOM) and the quote in the bottom left corner, IF I WANT SOMETHING, I MAKE IT HAPPEN.

What Clara Learned from this year’s vision boarding 

1. I was really drawn to flowers, which hasn’t happened before. Also drawn to women dancing. Movement is always one image I like to have on my board but I cut out three women. They felt like they were in rapture, lost in a trance. 
2. Symbol of Flower – working with the darkness (soil) and growing towards the light (wisdom). 
3. Symbol of the dancers – loosing yourself in the dance; surrendering to the flow; not being distracted by what’s around me. 
4. Embrace Your Wild – a lot of parenting has felt very structured. Eating at particular times, bed time, school time. It’s not my natural daily rhythm prior to Karmen. The wild doesn’t adhere to structure. I want to strike a balance between structure and spontaneity a bit more.

I leave you with these questions:

– What is your word/intention this year?
– How do you grapple/tackle/invoke the new year?
– Do you write intentions? Draw them? Collage?
– What is your own creative process like when you work on such things? – Do you decide what you’re going to do before you do it? Or do you find your way as you’re doing it?

Did you write your intentions or draw them? If so, I would love to see them. Send them back. 

Sending you a warm hug,
💗 Clara