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We All Look Away – Newsletter

      Hello, friends!

      This week, I watched Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur. The theme of King Arthur is the hero’s journey. During Arthur’s initiation, he must go to the Darklands, where he will be shown what he does not want to see. The mage prepping him for the trip tells him that most people look away at what is shown. The difference between a man and a king is that a king does not look away. I loved this idea! It felt like a metaphor for the quest we go on to learn and understand our SELVES in our totality—meaning our shadows, the parts of ourselves that lurk in the darkness. Most of the time, we look away or ignore those aspects. But if we truly want to understand ourselves, our purpose, we must venture into the Darklands. We must face our fears and truly look at the parts of ourselves that we naturally shy away from. This is an important part of our work as seekers, for if we want to heal our wounds and overcome our fears, we must understand them.

      Family —

      When was the last time you ventured into the Darklands?

      What did you see/hear/learn there?

      What were the reverberations?

      Loving you,


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