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What Are You Choosing To Listen To

Hi, Friend!

It has been quite a week over here. With Karmen teething and going through what feels like her 20th sleep regression, I haven’t gotten much sleep. Mix that with a long pool visit and BOOM—I woke up sick on Wednesday. I spent the next 48-hours horizontal.

I immersed myself in a show I haven’t watched since it came out in 2017—Sense 8. Have you seen it? Well, I’ve watched both seasons and cried when the last credits rolled. The premise of the show is about a group, a cluster, of eight people across the globe who can read each other’s minds, share each others’ knowledge and feel/sense what the others are going through. It got me thinking about the collective unconscious, coined by Carl Jung.

According to Jung, the human collective unconscious is populated by instincts, as well as by archetype…He believed that the concept of the collective unconscious helps to explain why similar themes occur in world mythologies around the world. He argued that the collective unconscious had a profound influence on the lives of individuals, who lived out its symbols and clothed them in meaning through their experiences.” Source.

When I am rooted in my center, connected to my intuition, I have felt connected to a river of knowledge that is beyond the scope of my own experience. How it shows up is when I’m teaching and I hear a voice inside telling me to say something particular. I used to question it —where is this coming from? Really? I should say this? I’ve learned to just surrender and say it. I can’t tell you how many times students have come up to me and told me that’s exactly what they needed to hear. There are so many forces, energies, ideas that are swirling around that are beyond what we can see or comprehend. Sense 8 reminded me of this. One of my favorite questions from the show was “The information you’re hearing is different than what you’re feeling. Which are you choosing to listen to?” WHEW.

It brings up another question for me – Instead of questioning what our minds don’t understand, can we surrender into what our hearts know to be true?

I leave you with this dear friends –

What are you questioning right now?

What does your mind say?

What does your heart say?

What shows up in the silence?

I’m going to lie back down again.

See you next week.



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