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What Are You Digesting This Week?

Hello, Friends!

I have been sitting with what I wanted to write to you this week. I sat, I walked, I ruminated and… I’m still sitting.

I’m rereading Wintering by Katherine May.

I’m watching Jane Austen movies.

I’m listening to podcasts and music.

I’m walking I’m listening to the rain and wind—there’s been a lot of it in my neck of the woods.

It’s kinda perfect since this week’s theme for the Untangled Yoga Series on Practice With Clara is digestion. That’s what I seem to be doing this week—digesting.

I don’t have much to share except that I’m taking in a lot.

What are you digesting?

How are you spending your time?

Tell me what you’ve been up to, either email me back or post it in the Facebook group.

I hope you’re enjoying the quiet,


    If you’re looking to digest some more,
    here are a few links to what I’ve been digging into:

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    Friday Night Assembly

    Join us for an evening dedicated to the Hindu goddess, Lakshmi.

    Friday, December 17th – 2021.

    Untangled Yoga Series

    Join us for five weeks of yoga to explore the 5 body systems

    December 1st – December 30th

    Untangled Yoga Series is an invitation to examine the intricacies of the human form through the:
    1. Digestive system
    2. Circulatory system
    3. Endocrine system
    4. Respiratory system
    5. Nervous system



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