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What Do I Want to Welcome Into My Life

Hello, Friends! 

We have just completed the first week of Ignite, this month’s 30-day virtual yoga challenge. For those of you participating, I ask you, how do you feel after a week of yoga?

I feel GOOD. It’s been nice showing up to my mat, albeit for about 15/20 minutes most days, as my toddler has other ideas. Even taking a hot minute to stop, breath a bit deeper, stretch and feel my body – has changed my mood and, therefore, my experience.

We’ve created a new 10-day yoga series called Sweet and Spicy for those with little ones or short on time. This playlist includes classes that get right to it —building heat, playing with peak postures, and moving with more vigour. Each day you have the option of a vinyasa practice OR a core/resistance band class. We hope you enjoy it!

I’ve been loving the comments and insights I’ve been reading in the classes and FB group. Keep sharing—it’s very inspiring to read!

On a personal note, I’ve been sitting with what I want to call in this year. Sweetness, gentleness and love is the Bhavana/mood I want to create, experience and share with my community. My altar includes Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty, sweetness and love. I’ve also put rose quartz, candles, photos of my beloveds and Pablo Neruda’s poems of love.

What Bhavana do you want to create and share?

What’s on your altar?

If you don’t have a physical altar, close your eyes and build one there. What would you include on it?

Sending you a warm and gentle hug,



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