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What Do You Choose Today?

“Strengthen your mind and refuse to carry the burden of mental and moral weakness acquired in past years; burn them in the fires of your present divine resolutions and right activities. By this constructive attitude you will attain freedom.”
–Paramahansa Yogananada
The greatest lesson this practice has taught me is that I have a CHOICE. Do I want to continue to be angry–at the world, my mother, the people I was working with etc? Do I want to continue telling myself the same story of who I was/am? For a while, the answer was YES. Back in 1998 I was angry, self righteous, and hard core (insert trend of the moment). Then I started going to yoga regularly and I started to change. I started offering these toxic thoughts to my practice, sweating my prayers with 70 other people every day before heading to the restaurant I was working at. Slowly the anger started to dissolve and a quiet contentment started to surface.
We don’t have much control of the world around us but we have a CHOICE on what we do with our feelings, our action and thoughts.
What do you choose today?


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