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What Does Your Heart Room Look Like?

Hello, friends!

Close your eyes and ask yourself – if my heart were a physical room, what would it look like? How do I feel when I enter this room?

How do I want others to feel when they enter?

What kind of furniture, if any, lives there?

What colors decorate the space?

What scent is present?

Pour Moi –

It’s a greenhouse. One that is very warm, moist and full of tropical plants. It feels like a jungle. My skin is moist and I start sweating as soon as I walk in. There are natural sounds – birds, bugs, life is living here – although not clearly seen. In the middle of the jungle, there is a natural spring. The water is still. You feel the urge to dip a toe in. As you do, the pool starts to bubble. It feels inviting. You climb in. The water is warm but not hot. The bubbles continue, becoming more vigorous the longer you sit – to the point that it feels like a hot tub with the jets on. You lie back, being massaged by the current and looking up at the jungle.

This week I’ve been asking my friends about their heart rooms. What they feel and look like. It’s been really interesting to hear the different responses – from large rooms with vaulted ceilings and big windows to a disco palace or a dark cave.

How’s your heart, dear friend?

How have you been tending to it?

Are you still lavishing it with your attention and intention?

Send me your vision. Paint me a picture. Share your heart room with me.




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