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What Lens Are You Seeing The World With Today?

Hello, friends!

Yesterday I was shooting classes for a new series on Practice With Clara. The first class I shot was vinyasa. I danced to the sound of the ocean and my breath – feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. It was delicious. When I began the second class, I decided to start with Boa breath from the marital art I used to study, Chien Lung. I did that for a bit then decided to explore moving through sun salutations using the Boa breath. It was cool to explore something so familiar, sun salutations, with a different lens, Boa breath. With the change in breathing, my experience of not only the practice but how I related to the space around me changed. I heard the ocean less, didn’t notice the sun on my skin as much. My focus was much more internal. I got lost in the movement. So much so that when I finally opened my eyes, I realized the tide had come in and there was water on my mat. Same place, different focus, different experience.

Question to ponder today friend – What lens are you seeing the world with today?

Homework – Before doing your next task, change your breath pattern – be it ujjayi, three part breathing, box breathing or quite simply count your breath – inhale for 6, hold for 4, exhale out for 8. Then observe how the action and your experience of it changes.




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