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What To Do?


This week I’ve been wrestling with two concepts.

Surrender and accept what is.

Learn from what is being shown to you and create changes based on that.

Most of the time I can sit and hold both – knowing that both are true and dancing between observing and participating.

This week…it’s not working.

I feel like I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out which of the two I’m supposed to be doing.

Context – I’m still dealing with mice. I moved out of my last place because of them AND they are in my new apartment. This week I found droppings on my bed. MY BED. First on my duvet and yesterday on my pillows. Listen, I know my bed is comfy BUT I don’t want mice to be basking in it’s coziness.

Do I move?

Do I accept them as roommates?

Do I get a cat?

What am I suppose to be learning?

What should i be doing?


Anger, sadness, confusion and helplessness – so many different feelings.

I’m trying to be patient as the building has hired a pest control company but things are moving too slow for me.

So I’ve created a halo of bleach around my bed, blockaded myself in my room before bed and sealed up every hole I could. I’ve also decided to get a cat. I love cats and had one for many years. I’ve been reluctant to get one as I already have one dependent. But momma needs help. I need a being to help me scare these roommates away.

I turn to you –

What concepts are you working with right now?

What emotions have been dancing/showing up for you this week?

What support have you been seeking?

Reply back and tell me all the things. 



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