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Why Is Doing Yoga At Home So Hard For Me?

Do you lack the motivation to do yoga at home?

Have you suffered the loss of community to anchor your yoga practice? 

Are you in need of a little inspiration to reconnect to a daily ritual of mindfulness?

If you answered YES,
you’re not alone!

Sustaining any program takes patiencepassion, and perseverance.
There will be days you want to hit snooze and take the day off, but if you plan your practices ahead of time, you have a better chance of instilling healthy boundaries to support your short and long-term goals. 
Commitment to home yoga practice starts by planning how often, what time of day, and where and with who you take a class. Preparing for each day will help you stay motivated, inspired, and accountable to a home yoga practice.

Reason’s you may lack commitment

(excuses you may have already told yourself)

  • I don’t have space. 
  • I find technology distracting.
  • My kids/roommates are too noisy.
  • I prefer being told what to do.
  • I can’t focus my mind—I want to snack/stop/use the washroom.
  • I feel frustrated guiding myself through a session.
  • I don’t know how proper alignment looks or feels in my body. 

Commit to your yoga at home practice

Class of the Day

Each month, we share a class (or two) per day.

The Practice with Clara Program provides a monthly calendar of classes.

Our goal is to:

✺ Help you create a ritual of making it to your yoga mat each day.
✺ Make it easy to do yoga, with varied styles, levels, and lengths of classes.
✺ Support you in developing strength and space in your body. 

Ask yourself these questions to get started.

  • What physical changes do I hope to see?
  • What mental/emotional changes do I hope to feel?
  • What support will I need through this process? 
  • Where will I create the space and time for my practice?
  • How will the rest of my life change to accommodate a daily practice?
  • How will I hold myself accountable?
  • How will I track my progress?

Join Practice with Clara

New members get 7-days FREE!

Sign up for a recurring subscription and get access to hundreds of different yoga classes and join the weekly LIVE yoga class.

Get the Class of the Day

We share a new Class of the Day playlist each month on the Practice with Clara Apps.

This playlist comes with a calendar for you to track your progress and reflect on how you’re feeling and progressing through your month of yoga. 


Benefits of the Class of the Day playlist

  • Each day, alternate class styles, lengths, and levels to avoid burnout and overuse of specific muscles.
  • A focus on balancing the muscles; equal days on and off strengthening and lengthening.
  • Peak Pose playlist prompts seasoned yogis to advance their practice.
  • Meditation and Yoga Nidra classes to ground and restore.
  • LIVE yoga classes with hundreds of yogis worldwide!
  • A holistic approach to sequencing stresses and strains the body AND leaves space to round and calm the nervous system.
  • Accessible for practitioners of ALL LEVELS.
  • You choose between 1-2 yoga classes per day to complete your daily class. 

New to yoga—

here’s where to start.
If you’re just starting a yoga practice, this series is for you!

New to Yoga Program

We created a program designed for new yogis and those recovering from injury.
This program is done over two weeks and features Hatha, restorative, slow flow, and vinyasa yoga sequences.


The first week we’ll start a bit slower with hatha yoga, which is known for being a bit more gentle and easier to follow.


The second week we’re introducing vinyasa yoga, which is known for being a bit more fast-paced.

Remember that you can rest whenever you need to in a child’s pose or sit and watch the class. There’s no pressure to do anything or everything that is being offered.

Progressive series

to advance your yoga practice.

We share monthly yoga & meditation challenges for practitioners to strengthen their physical and mental bodies. 

6 Benefits to Developing Your Home Yoga Practice

1. Do yoga on your schedule. 

Cultivating a home practice with an online yoga studio means you get to choose where, when, and how you show up to your mat. Take a class in the early morning, on your lunch break, while the kids are at school, or right before bed; it’s never been earlier to curate a schedule that suits your needs based on what you need to get done in a day. 

2. Create a space that suits you.

Creating a space to do your practice is key to committing to your daily yoga practice. Setting up a specific area in your home to do your routine makes it easier to remove all distractions and separate the time you’ve committed to your health. Simplify the process by doing the same thing each time. Turn off all notifications, light a candle, dim the lighting; do the things that signify it’s time for your yoga practice so you can shift from the day’s activities and focus on YOU for that time. 

3. Tailor the classes to serve your wellness goals.

Group fitness is great for maintaining a consistent practice and boosting your health. If you have specific goals in mind for your wellness program, selecting the courses that serve your individual needs and aspirations will help you succeed. Online yoga empowers you to choose the courses and collections based on what you want to do for your body and mind. Set your goal, and select the courses that will guide you in that direction. 

4. Explore new poses and practices.

Choosing from classes that explore and expand on postures you’ve never done before is a feature of online yoga that you have control over. In group yoga classes, you may not have time with the teacher to discuss a specific pose, the proper alignment, or breathing technique to benefit the practice. Online yoga provides the experience for you to search, learn, and practice the poses and pranayamas that are new to you or that you hope to develop.

5. Move out of your comfort zone!

Try the postures and pranayamas that you may not feel comfortable doing in a studio. At-home yoga supports your practice by giving you the space to do the things you may not do in public, so try the breathing techniques and poses that make you uncomfortable and get out of your comfort zone!

6. Appreciate solitude. 

At its core, yoga is about connecting to the self, exploring the body’s sensations, and observing the mind’s thoughts. As we develop our practice, yoga asks the practitioner to move beyond the superficial layers of the self and world to consider how we contribute to our communities. Sitting in solitude may bring up some of the more significant questions about who we are and how we want to appear in the world.


Yoga for every body

Open Level: Classes for yogis of all and any level, from beginners and those who are new to the practice to those who’ve been practicing for 10+ years. 
Intermediate/Advanced: Classes for yogis who have a regular daily practice for at least 1.5 years and have a rudimentary understanding of the asanas and pranayamas. 
Advanced: Classes for yogis who have a regular daily practice for at least 3+ years and are well-versed in the poses and pranayamas to follow along in a faster-paced class.

**These are guidelines. Explore the different levels and see what works for you. The biggest thing to remember is to listen to your body. With the advanced classes, I’m teaching those who know the names and shapes of the poses. I focus less on anatomical cues and more on subtle/energetic cues. ** 



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