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Movement for the Moon Cycles

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Meet Simone.

My birth name is Simone Petra Pinkhasova. Petra means stone rock.
I was born the year of Princess Diana and the year the Berlin wall was erected to divide East and West Germany. I was conceived under a cacophony of stars and fireworks that made my mother’s hair glow chartreuse. On the day of my birth, there were no stars or fireworks. The clouds obscured the constellations, and my mother died of postpartum hemorrhage when her uterus would not contract once I was out of her womb.

The atmosphere on that morning was a cashmere curtain with an omen; it would take me many decades to fully receive the stars and my mother. 

My summers as a child were spent swimming and playing in the forest at Barrier Beach, where my grandparents owned a lake resort. When I was eleven, I went out onto the dark with nothing but the stars as escorts on the flat, black lake. I fell asleep in the small canoe I’d taken and woke up to the cold splash of water; I nearly drowned. My body still recalls the grip of fear that clung to my bones as I descended deeper and deeper into the darkness. It was so dark and cold; I didn’t know which way was up or down.

Drowning brought me to my knees. I was humbled by the vastness of the elements and my alignment with the atmosphere. My experience taught me to have faith in the darkness and how to receive without seeking answers. To perceive the light that led me back to my breath, I had to become very still and wait despite the growing fear and discomfort in my body. The more I struggled, the more my body contracted and spiralled downwards. When I surrendered control and stopped grasping, I gained clarity. My intuition surfaced to guide me where I needed to return.


I met Clara in New York City over a decade ago when she taught at Sonic Yoga. I was drawn to her voice and how she artfully wove mythology and philosophy into practice. 

My work is guided by the intention that like attracts like, and opposite heals. I first heard this phrase in Clara’s yoga class many moons ago. 

I cannot thank Clara enough for the wisdom she’s provided over the years; the voices, vision, and movement she embodies honours the unique expression of the practice for each individual—be it yoga or astrology. 

Horoscopes are my method to extract symbols from the subconscious; it’s a language to understand how and why we express particular behaviours.

— Simone Pinkhasova.


My relationship with astrology is rooted in a balance between the forces; illusion and absolute stability. Struggle is a condition necessary for survival. Ascension is the ability to witness the contradiction between reality and limit with imagination and limitlessness.

The crux of transformation exists at the equilibrium of such polarities. I loved science as a child, I still do, and yet astronomy as the study of the galaxies fails to provide an essential aspect to human evolution: faith. 

The language or lens you make use of to narrate your reality shapes the world we live in.

Conflict is essential to the practice of compassion, and to advance our knowledge of others, we must embrace the diverse politics, mythologies, and religions that contribute to defining the collective.

Astrology is my language to illuminate compassion and connect to the subconscious. Receiving and writing horoscopes is my method to liberate the potential—the gift—in each individual. 

My practice and study of Indian Philosophy and Ayurveda inform how I conceive my work.

I draw from a vast network of teachers who’ve contributed to my methodology’s blueprint. 

With gratitude, I honor each of my teachers for their unique offerings and contribution to my craft: Simone Weil, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Marion Woodman, and Clara Roberts-Oss

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