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You Have To Live It


There is a holiness permeating everything.
The senses cannot grasp it and
Images cannot represent it.

It is totally free —
Free to appear as form,
Free to be beyond form.

Heart and body and mind in unison,
Attend to this unimaginable realm.
An awakening will be born in you
As you join with That,
Which you already are.
— Lorin Roche, Radiance Sutras, Sutra 104.

I’ve been listing to Stephen West’s podcast, Philosophize This, on Simone Weil – one of Steph’s philosophical heroes. I had never heard of her prior to Steph. It’s a four-part series. I just finished it this morning – right before teaching. I really resonate with a lot of Simone’s philosophy.

One of her pillars is – studying philosophy can only take you so far. You have to live it. At some point, you have to put the questions down and go live them – as Rilke has also been quoted to say.

I completely agree.

The mind is limited. It can only work within a dualistic framework. If you want to understand ONENESS/Divinity/interconnection – you have to EXPERIENCE IT.

Yesterday I read this Lorin Roche poem in class – and it hit home even more after this morning.

We can’t grasp the holy – we can only experience it.

So family-
Your homework for this week: for 5 minutes or 2 hours – drop into a place that reminds you of the holy – that which is free of form and comprehension. Activities can include but are not exclusive to: walking silently in nature, yoga, meditation, choosing to change your lens to look for the magic in the current activity versus the result, dancing, connecting with a beloved being, immersing yourself in something that makes your body hum.

Join with THAT,
Which you already are…

From my heart to yours,


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