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You’ve Completed Shadow School

Hello, fellow beings!

We have officially graduated from Shadow School! YIP YIPEEEEEE!!!!

First off, I’d love to thank Stephanie for co-creating this program with me. The practice of digging deep into my shadow, learning and getting to know her has been a lifelong journey for me. To find a kindred spirit in Stephanie has been a gift. Together we brainstormed and put all this ahhhmazing content for you. I’m so proud of it. I hope it’s been helpful for your personal work. We’ve got a new podcast of our conversation about what Shadow School means to us and why we created this program. Find it below. We’d love to hear about how the month went for you. Either reply to this newsletter or post it in the Facebook group.

As we close the school term, I am excited. I’ve learned: a few things about myself, how I’d like the school to evolve and what else I’d like to offer you. Stephanie proposed that we return to the same classes each week. I wasn’t sure at first, but I have to say, I’m glad we did. It was insightful to return to the 7 themes a few times in the month as a practitioner. Depending upon the time of day, what was happening in my head or heart, I had a different experience of the sequence and theme. The class Heart Truth really spoke to me this week. What was living in my heart at the beginning of the month to now has changed— almost a full 180. It was so cool for me to note. What has changed for you?

We will keep the Shadow School playlist on the Practice With Clara app; if you’d like to take it again, anytime, it’s there for you.

We’ve got a lot in store for you in the coming months—starting with the Chakra Series on November 1st. To receive the daily email with the class, journal prompts and additional content to support your month of yoga, sign up here.

We’re also launching Friday Assembly Night on November 19th. The vision behind this event is for us to get together off the mat to learn and connect with this wonderful community. We’re going to kick it off with the muse of creation, my personal favorite, and perhaps yours, Saraswati.

Next week, I’m putting on my teacher training cap for the Art of Sequencing. Because of that, there won’t be any LIVE classes next week. The LIVE classes will resume on Thursday, November 11th, at 6 PM for a 30-minute Lila Flow class.

For November, our weekly LIVE yoga class schedule is:

Thursdays 6 PM 30-minute Lila Flow Saturdays 9 AM 60-minute Vinyasa

I hope you can join me for either or both!

Lastly, to those of you who completed Shadow School, we’d love to hear about your experience by filling out our super short survey below.

For those of you who did 30 days of yoga in a row by filling out the survey, your name will be entered into our raffle to win one of the following gifts:

✹ 3 winners will receive a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to Practice with Clara.

✹ 3 winners will receive a Practice with Clara SWAG BAG!

✹ 1 winner will receive a yoga mat of their choice or animal print exercise bands from Supported Soul.

✹ 2 winners will receive a prize pack with a handmade face mask from Joiful Masks.

I’ll be picking names on IG and FB LIVE at 11 AM PST on Saturday, November 6th.

I want to leave you with the poem I read in last Thursday’s evening class. As my father reminded me, poems are not meant to be read but to be re-read.

Sending you a warm hug.


It is Born

Here, I came to the boundaries
where nothing needs to be said,
everything is learned with weather and ocean,
and the moon returned
with its lines silvered
and each time the shadow was broken
by the crash of a wave
and each day on the balcony of the sea
wings open, fire is born
and everything continues blue as the morning.

—written by Pablo Neruda and translated by Stephen Mitchell.


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