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Ignite The Fire Within | A 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge

For centuries, we’ve honored fire as a symbol of life, enlightenment, and renewal. Fire is the ultimate purifier, destroyer, and provoker of change. As we move through the darkness and cold of the winter months, we look to the light within to persevere. 

Igniting the Fire Within is the theme for January’s 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge. Embark on a journey and explore what lights you up, with yoga classes, meditations, pranayamas, and journaling prompts to connect you to the strength and wisdom of the fire within.

Stimulating the digestive fires is key to the body’s assimilation and maintaining gut health and how we feel. The belly communicates with our brain through nerves and hormones and contains the bacteria and immune cells that resist bacteria and viruses. When strong and balanced, the belly’s Agni helps digest the foods we eat and all life experiences.

If we take care of our Agni, our inner fire, and take care of our gut health and digestion, we don’t have to worry about Ama, which is toxins. Toxins may be physical or mental; we come into all sorts of ama that affects how we feel. To stay in optimal health, we focus on the positive; on creating strong Agni.”
– Ayurveda Therapist, Maria Garre.

We’re offering this event to the community at large, for Free

How it works

  • December 25th: the challenge coupon code is released (Read on!) for you to join Practice with Clara and the challenge for free for the month of January
  • JANUARY 1st, 2021: the Fire Challenge begins.
  • February 1st: we’ll send out a form to be filled out by those who completed the 30-days to be eligible to sign up. 
  • We’ll follow the honor system and check to see that you logged into the apps every day of the month, and from that list, we will hold a raffle to give out the prizes from our partners! Here is the clip of the raffle from our last challenge.


The Classes

To be able to maintain fire, you must tend it wisely. I’ve curated a mix of classes to give you days of rest or contemplation along with days to build heat and strength.*

Fridays & Saturdays – Vinyasa
Sundays – Yin/Restorative
Mondays – Hatha
Tuesdays – Vinyasa
Wednesdays – Slow Flow Vinyasa
Thursdays – Meditation & Mantra

*We invite you to listen to your body throughout the month. Remember that every pose/variation is an offering; you don’t have to do them. Rest when you need to. Before going deeper into a pose, ask yourself, does this serve where my body and mind are today?


Gifts for Participants  

At the end of the challenge, we’ll be raffling gifts for those of you who complete the journey with us. 

Gifts include:


Journaling Questions

Each class includes a question for you to ponder while you do your practice. You will see these questions in the class write-up for that day, and we post to the Facebook group where participants can share answers and connect with the community.


How to Join The 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge:

If you’re already a member of the #PracticeWithClara community, you’re all set. You’ll see the Challenge Playlist in the Apps on December 30th.

If you’re not a community member, join us for free for the duration of the 30 day challenge – Here is how:

  1. Click here and choose the monthly subscription option

  2. Use coupon code ✶ COMMUNITY2021 ✶ at check-out to receive free access for the 30-day challenge + the 7-day new member trial.

New members will be able to access the challenge, and if you’ve enjoyed practicing with us, you can continue with your subscription.

Important for new members:

It’s important to note that if you do not cancel your membership once the coupon code has expired, your paid subscription will begin and charge the $15.99 monthly fee.

How We Honour Accountability

The best way to create a habit is through accountability – Check-in with the PWC community to hold yourself accountable for the challenge and your intentions for the New Year. Here are three ways for you to get in touch and say YES to completing the daily classes. 

  1. In the PWC App:  type ∾ YES ∾ in the comments after you finish the class to share that you’ve done your yoga.
  2. In the PWC FB Group: We will post the class daily, you can type ∾ YES ∾ in the comments to share that you’ve done your yoga.
  3. Daily notifications via the App – We will be sending a daily notification through the PWC app – you can opt-in through the app settings and you can also opt-out if you’d prefer to not receive it.

You choose the method, we hold you accountable to your goal for the month. 


Assets to Track Your Progress:

  • Download the Practice with Clara IGNITE Calendar. Check off the classes you’ve completed to visualize your efforts. 
  • Download the Journaling Booklet to take a seat in quiet self-reflection after class. 


Join The 30-Day Virtual Yoga Challenge, Today!

We’re excited to practice with you!

Make sure to join us on the FB group or Clara’s Instagram page for daily updates on the challenge and join the conversation.



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